Saturday, 23 July 2016

Updated: Graciously Georgian Build Set

UPDATE 23/07/2016: I was made aware that the low lod for the French, Wide, and Double doors were displaying the missing texture image due to incorrect linking, that has been fix. It was only a concern if viewing the items from a fair distance away, but nevertheless, needed fixing. You can redownload below, as well as the updated files separately. Thanks to Kanata2288 on twitter for letting me know about the issue.

It is finally finished: my first unique set of build mode items. I tend to more often then not  "go big, or go home" and this set is no exception. This is what I call a full build set, with matching interior and exterior items. The idea was to create a classic Georgian-style set for use in everyday homes, both classic and contemporary. Let me tell you, this was made harder given there is no CASt, but I think I came up with a very usable set. To say I am proud of these objects is an understatement, especially when I thought at one point I would not finish it. But here it is, so you can enjoy it as much as me.

Due to the length of these posts and for ease of updating, you can find the download and info under the cut.

A few notes on this set in regards to usability and features:
  • Windows and exterior doors come in 2 wood versions: one with white on the interior, and one with all wood. The fact that EA windows force me to have wood inside all the time, I fixed that here. The coloured versions all have white trim on the interior though.
  • Interior items do not have different colours for each side of the door unlike windows and exterior doors. 
  • Since curtain slots on windows are annoying, but some people still like them, I have 2 slot resource packages inside the downloaded folder. When you extract and open, choose to keep either the "PC-TS4-GraciouslyGeorgian-WithCurtainSlots.package" or the "PC-TS4-GraciouslyGeorgian-NoCurtainSlots.package" to accompany the remaining files. Instructions are included in the folder if you get stuck.
  • Due to the sheer size of the textures, they are linked between packages. This was done to keep the file size down (and so I didn't have to upload so much). You can look at the package sizes to see what items are the parent, and which ate linked to it. If you don't want everything, just be mindful of where the textures are.
  • These are designed only for small and medium height walls. Anything larger then that looked out of proportion. I will not be expanding this set any further if you want anything larger.
  • All custom lods and textures and compatible with the latest interior sunshadow patch.

The Build/Buy items feature:
  • basegame compatibility
  • non-default
  • 48 meshes in total with between 25 and 35 colour/style options:
  • find items easily using phrase "Graciously" or "Georgian" in search bar (try this tutorial to easily find my sets)
  • style (found under "Double Gallery") and colour filter compatible
  • custom thumbnails
  • Style tool compatible
  • Pricing  and polycount as follows:
    - 4 sash Full-length window (3 & 4 tile) ($278/279, 1631)
    - 3 sash Full-length window ($234, 1300)
    - 2 sash Full-length window ($194, 936)
    - 1 sash Full-length window (1 & 2 tile) ($153/154, 600)
    - 4 sash Counter-height window (3 & 4 tile) ($228/229, 1434)

    - 3 sash Counter-height window ($184, 1136)

    - 2 sash Counter-height window ($144, 844)

    - 1 sash Counter-height window (1 & 2 tile) ($103/104, 552)

    - 2 sash Loft-height window ($104, 844)

    - 1 sash Loft-height window (1 & 2 tile) ($103/104, 552)

    - Full-height shutters (1 & 2 sash) ($102/144, 756)

    - Counter-height shutters (1 & 2 sash) ($92/114, 756)

    - Loft-height shutters (1 & 2 sash) ($62/84, 660)

    - Narrow Entry Door (1 & 2 tile) ($398/399, 1184)

    - Wide Entry Door ($460, 1564)***

    - Double Entry Door ($610, 2956)***

    - French Door ($500, 2200)***

    - Interior Single Door (1 & 2 tile) ($328/329, 880)

    - Interior Double Door ($360, 1636)

    - Interior Glass Single Door (1 & 2 Tile) ($348/349, 1072)***

    - Interior Glass Double Door ($380, 2020)***

    - Short Square Arch (1, 2, 3 &4 tile) ($80/120/160/200, 340)

    - Medium Square Arch (1, 2, 3 &4 tile) ($100/140/180/220, 412)

    - Short Curved Arch (1, 2, 3 &4 tile) ($90/130/170/210, 496/576/664/736)

    - Medium Curved Arch (1, 2, 3 &4 tile) ($110/150/190/230, 568/648/736/808)
***Note: Some of these items can be considered "High Poly." So if your computer can't handle high poly items, install at your own risk. Curves are notorious for needing extra polys to look smooth, so it is the trade-off when creating.

CC credits:
As usual, there are 2 downloads, merged and separate. Because of how I have made curtain slots optional, there is also a .txt document inside. Be sure to read it once you have extracted the files and follow the directions to choose if you want curtain slots or not.
The archives contains the package file(s) and style images inside a folder. Extract the archive using winRAR or WinZip, place the package file(s) in your mods folder, then look for them in your game. I hope you enjoy. No onedrive choice this time, just takes too long to upload to all these places. 



I have also uploaded the files individually for those with the separated packages to download the items separately. There will be no alternate download for these individual files. 
Download Individual Items:


  1. This one is a must have. Amazing dear.

  2. Oh how beautiful, i can't wait to use these in my builds, thank you so much for all of your hard work on all of your CC....

  3. Awesome work! Thanks for sharing!

  4. This really is an amazing set! Thank you so much for making and sharing!

  5. This Set is Amazing, Thank you so much for all your hard work on it! I can see some using this quite often in my builds.

  6. Everything you do is wonderful! I think I have almost every item you have crafted. Thank you so much!

  7. You are my absolute favorite TS4 content maker, bar none. With this set, you have outdone yourself. I have been looking and looking for something like this. I love build sets with all kinds of parts that fit together cohesively. There is so much attention to detail. So, thank you. Thank you so very much! I also appreciate how you always offer a merged file and use the repository method to save space. By your craftsmanship, I can tell that you are creating things that make you happy and that match your exacting requirement. I feel so honored that you choose to share. EA should hire you as their director of content, no kidding whatsoever.

    1. I agree 100%... We're so lucky because you share your content and I think I've said it before, EA should hire you!! You're amazing!

    2. Hear Hear!

  8. OMG! Well done!

  9. OMG!!! I can't have enough of your amazing work!! Congratulations!! Perfect... as always!! Please keep the good work.

  10. Gorgeous as usual!! Thank you so much. :)

  11. A fantastically beautiful set.Thanks a lot for this

  12. I have an idea/suggestion/request. I just love this Georgian build set and I think this style would look great on the closets. I know very little about designing objects and such so I'm not sure if it's possible. At any rate, thank you so much for everything you create and share with us. I'd be lost without your items. Everything you do is so beautiful.

    1. Thanks :)

      Although I have thought of making closets when we got them, it is not something I will do simply because I wouldn't be able to make them usable and basegame compatible. That is something i strive for. If in the event it is possible, then it may be something to look at in the future.

  13. I've been using this in-game and these are so beautiful! The only suggestion I have (I guess, more of a request) is that the 3 and 4 grouped windows do not have shutters. Is it possible that maybe in the future you could release a single shutter so that one can be placed on each side of those windows?

    1. Sorry, but no, there will be no shutters for the larger windows. I made the shutters to the dimensions of the windows so it appears as if they would cover them and be usable. That just isn't possible with the larger windows because they would be enormous and I am not a fan of fake-looking tiny shutters that don't look functional. Since I wouldn't use them, I didn't make them. Maybe in the future I will come up with a solution that looks right, but fake tiny shutters wont be it.
      Also, due to the dimensions of the window, a single shutter for placement wouldn't work as alt would need to be used to place them in the right spot which is tedious and anger-inducing. This is why I didn't supply the shutters like that in the download. If the windows were of a size thats a multiple of 0.25 (the movement of a 1/4 tile) then i would have, but unfortunately they aren't so i had to scrap that idea. Maybe in the future i will design a set like that for easier use.

  14. Thank you very much for your hard work.
    I have a problem with all content "3 tile footprint" (Doors and Windows) I can not see through them.

    sorry for my bad English.


    1. it looks like your game is on very low settings. That could be why the cutouts aren't working. Try turning up your game settings and see if that works.

    2. Not working, but thanks.

      *Sorry my bad english

    3. I have a feeling this is to do with your graphics card. Older or integrated graphics don't cope well with DDS images that don't follow the 1:1/1:2 ratio that it can't read the image. So unfortunately there is nothing I can do right now. In the next lot of updates I can look into redoing the wall cutouts so they are compatible with these low spec machines but I can't guarantee when I will have time to do that.

  15. I have tried the merged and the separate versions and I can't use this set in my game. I have only TS4, TS4 get to work and TS4 Get Together. Am i doing something wrong? I put the packages in my sims 4 mod carpet and I have the resource file and deleted one of the two options (nocurtainslot)...

    1. is your game fully up-to-date? Because I make sure my items are fully compatible with the latest version, there is a good chance that it wont work in games that don't have the latest patch. If you are fully patched, then its a good chance your mods folder is not properly set up. If cc from other creators is not showing that confirms it. So try looking at you mods folder setup. There are handy links under the "installing custom content" guide i have on my menu bar.

  16. Howdy Peacemaker,
    You should totally upload the rooms (don’t know if you can do that though, would it be a tray file or something, or not possible unless via Origin/Sims Gallery?) or houses you use to showcase your new CC in because the setup is always so nice ❤️.


    1. the setups you see are basically just a square room I decorate to showcase a set, nothing more. Because of the cc used, I wouldn't share them just because of the hassle listing what i have used and bugs associated with placing rooms that have had objects placed with MoveObjects cheat. So it really doesn't interest me in sharing the rooms, especially since they get demolished once i am done with them.

  17. I just sent a comment about the weird colors. For some reason, I had an outdated version of the doors/arches. I re-downloaded and there were no problems. Sorry for inconvenience. :(

    1. That's ok, good to know you got it solved :)

  18. This may be stupid to ask but I've been away from Sims 4 for a while and never really downloaded any custom content....I'm trying to now, namely this file, but cannot for the life of me seem to access it? I'm sure I am missing a painfully simple step. I downloaded and copied the file into the Sims 4 "Mod folder" and have it checked to allow mods and CC in the game but cannot find any of this content anywhere? Any suggestions? Cheers!

    1. Hi! It does sound like for missed the extraction step. The cc is within the archive file so you will need to extract it with winRAR or winZIP then put those files in your mods folder in order for the game to see it. With most custom content they are within an archive so its definitely good to have one of those programs on your computer if you don't already.

  19. Thank you for this mod, I really liked the fact that the same window had the option of number of tiles. Also, I'm not sure if you are aware but one of your objects is incorrectly labeled

    1. Thanks. When i get around to doing an update I will fix the names :)